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Passion + Experience = Happy Dog & Happy Owner

A Trained dog is a happy dog

Dogs make the perfect sidekicks—they are loyal, intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate. Whether you’re a lone ranger or have a big family, having a dog around makes everything better! Well-trained dogs can help reduce stress or anxiety, and can offer protection just as well as they can provide companionship. Poorly trained dogs, however, can place a tremendous amount of stress on an individual or a family dynamic. Almost all dogs are hard-wired to please their owners, so if your dog isn’t behaving properly, chances are that it’s unhappy too!

Dogs rely on us to be the alpha of the pack, and your dog wants you to take charge. If you feel unhappy with your dog’s behavior or want to improve your relationship with your dog, we can help.

Why Choose Us?

Just like people, all dogs learn differently. Some are motivated by food, some by affection, some by toys. At Desert Sky K9, we take the time to assess each dog individually to see what it responds to best. We do not believe in shock collars or punishing dogs when they make mistakes. Instead, we build the dog up, increasing its confidence and showing it that when it behaves correctly, everyone wins.

Dogs do not innately understand right from wrong. They aren’t born knowing what you want them to do. Instead, you have to show them repeatedly and offer lots of positive reinforcement. Training dogs can be extremely frustrating, and it requires a large supply of patience (and treats). Luckily, at Desert Sky K9, we have both.

We see our clients and their dogs as teams who are working toward the same goal: A satisfying, mutually beneficial friendship. Mark Govoni, the founder and lead trainer at Desert Sky K9, works with both the dog and the owner to help foster an unbreakable, respectful relationship.

Our Dog Training Expertise

From Puppies to Protection Training

Maybe you have a new puppy who needs to learn his manners with some basic puppy training, or maybe your adult dog needs some dog training refreshers. Oftentimes, a change in the home environment—a move, a new baby, a new pet, or something else—affects your dog’s behavior. We encourage you to check out our pages on potty training, separation anxiety, dog aggression, and dog food aggression. If your dog is acting out in another way, please contact us so that we can get to the root of the problem and get started on finding a solution!

Mark Govoni and the team at Desert Sky K9 also have extensive experience in training dogs to be protection dogs and service dogs. This type of training is rigorous but rewarding, and if you are hoping to get your dog to the next level of service, we are equipped to help you and your dog reach that goal. The stakes are high when it comes to training working dogs. That’s why only certain dogs are accepted into this training program. Any time a potential new client contacts us, we are more than happy to schedule a free meet and greet. This allows Mark to meet with the owner and the dog and to assess what type of training will be best.

Mark Govoni

Meet The Trainer

Mark Govoni has spent his life around dogs, and he has a natural connection with them. He has spent the past 30 years with dogs—training them, breeding them, and enjoying their company. Impressively, he spent a portion of his career breeding and training Belgian Malinois for sport and law enforcement. He is an active member of the Protection Sports Association, which is an organization for civilian competition in dog obedience and dog protection training. He has also competed and titled in French Ring competitions at the national level.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of training methods, Mark possesses the perfect temperament for training dogs. Dogs are extremely in tune with the energy and feelings of the humans around them. Mark remains patient, respectful, and authoritative, which is a demeanor that dogs naturally respond well to. When a dog in training begins to show signs of fatigue or impatience, Mark immediately takes a break and initiates play time. That looks different for every dog! It may be running around the yard, belly rubs, unstructured play with toys, or a supervised dip in the pool. Whatever it takes to get the dog to reset and be ready to work, that’s what Mark does. Mark knows that training takes a toll on a dog’s energy, and dogs learn best when they are refreshed.

Next Steps

What are you waiting for?  You CAN have the obedient dog you’ve always dreamed about! Whether your dog is new to you or is familiar but exhibiting behavioral problems, Desert Sky K9 can help get you on track. Because we believe so strongly in the value of the connection between dog and owner, we offer FREE follow-up handling lessons for life once your dog has completed training with us. If you need to brush up on some training, we can schedule a time for you to come in and refresh your skills and your dog’s behavior. Please contact us to learn more about how we can make your dog the best dog she can be!

Still not convinced? Check out some of the reviews left by previous clients! If you’d like to learn more about Desert Sky K9, we encourage you to check out the other pages on our site or to contact us directly! We know how stressful it can be if a dog is displaying unwelcome behavior. Don’t wait another minute! Remember, the sooner you seek help, the sooner your dog will be the dog you always dreamed of having.

Dog Training with Desert Sky K9 in Phoenix