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Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression is a Serious Problem

According to the ASPCA, aggression is the most common, most serious behavioral problem in canines. Dogs who display signs of aggression may be aggressive toward other dogs, other animals, or humans. In fact, aggression is the primary reason that dog owners consult professionals for training. That’s because a dog who is showing aggressive tendencies can be unpredictable. A dog who snaps at a child today may bite a child tomorrow, and that is an unacceptable risk for many responsible pet owners.

Many of the dog owners we meet describe feeling completely trapped. They love their dog and don’t want to rehome it; however, they are not able to enjoy the pet or be social around it. Many are afraid to have guests in their homes or even take their dogs on walks. These concerns can cause extreme feelings of isolation, stress, and fear.

Although it’s popular opinion that certain dog breeds are inherently aggressive, that’s not exactly true. Many dogs—of all breeds—may become aggressive over time because they have been traumatized, abused, or inadequately socialized. Others have situational aggression, which may be temporary or occasional. Situational aggression can result from hormonal changes, environmental changes, or other causes.

How Do I Know My Dog has a Problem?

Dogs who have not been properly socialized or who have a history of trauma may act out in different ways. Some lash out or lunge; some bark, whine or growl; and others actually snap, nip, or bite. Even if your dog lunges on the leash and you have been able to control him in the past, he may lunge unexpectedly one day and get away from you. This can have disastrous consequences, especially if it goes after another dog or a person.

When your dog acts aggressively toward other dogs, it can make it difficult to feel comfortable with him in social situations. In addition to the potential for causing harm to others, owners often worry about potential lawsuits or even losing their dog. Whether your dog’s problem is mild or severe, there are solutions and strategies to cope with this behavior.

Next Steps

We Can Help Stop Dog Aggression

Mark Govoni, the lead trainer at Desert Sky K9, is no stranger to training dogs with difficult behavioral issues. In fact, his 27-year career includes training dogs of all breeds for all types of problems. He has helped owners whose dogs are struggling with potty training issues, dog food aggression, separation anxiety, and other ailments. However, one of the most common issues he works with is dogs who have exhibited aggressive behavior.

Understanding the underlying cause of a dog’s aggression is essential in treating the problem. Whether your dog’s aggressive tendencies stem from previous trauma, lack of socialization, or something else, Mark will get to the root of the issue and develop an effective training program to correct it. Many Desert Sky K9 clients seek training as a last resort and are desperate for help. That relief is exactly what Mark and Desert Sky K9 provide! Don’t take our word for it—check out some of our past clients’ glowing reviews and recommendations here.

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