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early training makes a huge difference

Puppy Training in Phoenix

puppy training boot camp

When it comes to puppy training in Phoenix, you won’t find anyone better equipped to bring out the best in your pup! Desert Sky K9 offers a personalized 2- to 3-week puppy “boot camp” to establish the basics with your puppy. That boot camp involves practice with core commands such as sit, stay, come, down, and heel. Once Mark Govoni, the lead trainer, is certain that your puppy has those actions down, he works with you, the owner, to ensure that the work translates to your home.

A positive relationship with your puppy begins with trust and communication. That’s why Mark trains owners as well as their puppies to foster a deep connection between the two. When a puppy trusts and respects his owner, their bond is strengthened and will be a great relationship for years to come. That’s why Mark offers free ongoing handling lessons for the life of the dog: He recognizes that it is imperative for the owner and the dog to continue to communicate well!

“Forging a real relationship with your dog is a huge part of training, When the dog is learning things and you’re making it clear to him that he’s earning your approval, it brings him up and boosts his confidence.”

- Mark Govoni, Desert Sky K9

One of the best things about dogs is that they are very eager to please, and they are extremely motivated to make their owners happy. That means that no matter how bad a dog’s manners are, they can be corrected with the proper training. Our approach to training all types of dogs has cemented our reputation as one of the best for puppy training in Phoenix.

How We Train

Even when an adult dog has been inadequately or improperly trained, she still has the potential to change and become the dog you always dreamed of having. The cornerstones to achieving this change are positive reinforcement and a meaningful bond between the puppy and her owner.

Our passion is training dogs using positive reinforcement.

- Gail Govoni, Desert Sky K9 Tweet

Just like humans, puppies are more open to training when they are treated with positivity and respect. Training dogs is our passion and we are busy training dogs 7 days per week. That means we’ve pretty much seen it all, so we know how to deal with all kinds of puppies and behaviors. During training, we closely monitor the dog for signs of fatigue or frustration. As soon as we observe those signals, we take a break from training to play!

Our facility is spacious and designed to appeal to every type of dog. If you live in Arizona and  are looking for puppy training in Phoenix, you know that it’s not possible (or pleasant!) to train outdoors year-round. That’s why we have a large indoor training area, where your puppy can learn everything from fundamentals to advanced skills in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. We also have a pool where water-loving dogs can swim under supervision to cool off. When the weather is nice, our dogs usually train outdoors in a fenced yard. No matter where your puppy training takes place at our facility, you can trust that she is in good hands when she’s working with Desert Sky K9.

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PUPPY Training in Phoenix

All Breed Dog Training Photos

Your puppy deserves the best training experience possible. Our passion is dogs and helping people create an everlasting bond with their dog. To get a sneak peak of what your puppy might experience, see these photos of our puppy training facility in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We hope to meet your dog soon!