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Dog Training in Phoenix

Our Dog Training Method

No Shock or E-Collars Used

At Desert Sky K9, we regularly receive calls from desperate dog owners who are at their wits’ end. An untrained or poorly trained dog can place an immense amount of stress on her owners. Many dog owners contact us because their dog jumps up on visitors, demonstrates dog food aggression, has separation anxiety, or is having accidents in the house due to ineffective potty training. Others approach us because their dog is new to their home and needs to work on obeying basic commands. Regardless of the issue(s), we have over 20 years career dog training experience in Phoenix, Arizona.   

“Adopt, don’t shop” is a fantastic and noble movement, but it often results in people adopting dogs that need to make up for lost time. In other words, the dog may technically be an adult, but she never received proper puppy training. Many times the owners of these dogs give up on the dog because the behavior seems too far gone to correct. A lot of owners we talk to have been “just living with” the unwanted behavior because they don’t know where to begin to correct it.

"Every dog comes to us with at least one major issue if not two or three."

One of the best things about dogs is that they are very eager to please, and they are extremely motivated to make their owners happy. That means that no matter how bad a dog’s manners are, they can be corrected with the proper training. Our approach to training all types of dogs has cemented our reputation as one of the best for dog training in Phoenix.

How We Train

Even when an adult dog has been inadequately or improperly trained, she still has the potential to change and become the dog you always dreamed of having. The cornerstones to achieving this change are positive reinforcement and a meaningful bond between the dog and her owner.

Our passion is training dogs using positive reinforcement.

Just like humans, dogs are more open to training when they are treated with positivity and respect. Training dogs is our passion and we are busy training dogs 7 days per week. That means we’ve pretty much seen it all, so we know how to deal with all kinds of dogs and behaviors. During training, we closely monitor the dog for signs of fatigue or frustration. As soon as we observe those signals, we take a break from training to play!

Our facility is spacious and designed to appeal to every type of dog. If you live in Arizona and  are looking for dog training in Phoenix, you know that it’s not possible (or pleasant!) to train outdoors year-round. That’s why we have a large indoor training area, where your dog can learn everything from fundamentals to advanced skills in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. We also have a pool where water-loving dogs can swim under supervision to cool off. When the weather is nice, our dogs usually train outdoors in a fenced yard. No matter where your dog’s training takes place, you can trust that she is in good hands when she’s working with Desert Sky K9.

Positive Reinforcement

Simply telling a dog “NO!” is not an effective training tool because it does not show the dog what she should be doing instead. Dogs do not intuitively know what we want; we have to show them. That’s why at Desert Sky K9 we use a “pathway to win” training approach. This method involves establishing the expectation for the dog’s behavior and giving her an opportunity to demonstrate that behavior. When she does, she receives a reward and praise. When she doesn’t, she is gently corrected and given another chance to perform the desired action.

Training an adult dog—or any dog, for that matter—takes time and dedication. There is no shortcut; it requires repetition, patience, and positive reinforcement. Luckily, dogs are fast learners and realize pretty quickly what they need to do to get their reward and please their owner.

The Bond between Dog and Owner

We like to think of our dogs and their owners as teams. When they each uphold their end of the arrangement, everyone wins! That means that the dog strives to obey and please the owner, and it means that the owner cares for the dog, keeps it safe, and remains consistent. This dynamic results in a happier owner and a happier dog, and it also usually makes for a better-adjusted dog that plays well with others.

As with other important relationships in our lives, trust is a key element of the connection between a dog and her owner. When a dog knows what to expect from her owner, she usually becomes calmer, more balanced, and more obedient. Remember: Dogs often mirror the behavior of the owner, so trying to train a dog while frustrated or agitated is a lost cause and can undo the progress of training.

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Dog Training in Phoenix

All Breed Dog Training Photos

Your dog deserves the best training experience possible. Our passion is dogs and helping people create an everlasting bond with their dog. To get a sneak peak of what your dog might experience, see these photos of our dog training facility in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We hope to meet your dog soon! 

More Dog Training in Phoenix Services

Experiencing a specific problem with your dog? Many of our Clients appreciate the lengths to which we go to share the details and our expertise for how we help you go from the frustration you are experiencing today with your un-trainied dog, to the peace, harmony and fun which you will experience once your dog is properly trained. Please see below additional aspects of how we help make your vision a reality.

Dog Training in Phoenix - Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification Training

More often than not, when owners of adult dogs ask us to help with training, the dog exhibits one or more undesirable behaviors that the owner wants to “fix.” This can include dog food aggression, dog aggression, potty training, separation anxiety, destructive tendencies, or other unwanted actions. We have decades of experience working with dogs to address and correct these behaviors.

Every dog is different, so many dogs are motivated by different things. Some are motivated by food; some by toys; some by affection. Rehabilitating a dog with behavioral issues takes time, patience, and an understanding of triggers for that dog. At Desert Sky K9, we take the time to individually assess each dog that is brought in, so that we can tailor our approach to understand triggers and use the strongest motivators, to achieve the best possible outcomes.