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Having a disability can take a tremendous toll not only on a person’s body, but on their emotions. Even routine events like going to the grocery store or walking to the park may feel unattainable if you have a disability. Individuals with disabilities may encounter mobility barriers or lack of access to public spaces. These obviously make it extremely difficult to get around. Even worse, not being able to do what you used to can be depressing and isolating.

Not all disabilities are visible. Some people have emotional disorders or regularly experience deep emotional distress. Even though they may not suffer from physical disabilities, these people may benefit from assistance.

Luckily, increased awareness has led to a greater number of resources for people with disabilities. One of the greatest solutions to assist with a disability is a service dog. Training a dog to be a service dog offers dog to the chance to exercise some of their greatest character traits. Love, devotion, smarts, and a desire to work and please all come together to make dogs a natural pick to be good service animals.

Some people without a disability recognize that their dog may be a good emotional support animal for others. Many individuals benefit from a dog’s company—and certification programs are available for people who want to train their dog to be a therapy animal in nursing homes or hospitals, for example. But where to begin?!

How Do I Know if My Dog Qualifies to be a Service Dog?

Mark Govoni and the team at Desert Sky K9 are well versed in service dog training. After all, Mark has been training dogs for the better part of 30 years. He even had a successful career in training Belgian Malinois for law enforcement. All of this combined experience has helped Mark learn what makes dogs tick, and how to engage with them on a meaningful level. It also has helped him identify which dogs would make suitable service dogs. Before Mark takes on a new client for this purpose, he first meets with the dog and the owner to ensure that the dog is capable of performing the functions that will be required of it.

We offer a complimentary 1-on-1 meet and greet with Mark to determine if you dog has the potential for service dog training.

Next Steps

Service Dog Training Evaluation

Desert Sky K9 is experienced in training certified service dogs in Phoenix. Training service dogs takes an immense amount of expertise and patience. After all, a person with a service dog relies heavily on the dog to be help them navigate the world safely. That means that the service dog needs to be totally focused on the owner and the surroundings, tuning out distractions and capable of performing specific tasks. That’s a lot of responsibility!

Training a dog to be a service dog is an involved process. If you have uncertainties about whether your dog may be able to fill this role, that is completely normal. It’s a complex subject and is unfamiliar to many people! But remember, dogs are loyal and eager to please, and many dogs can do so much more than we give them credit for. Furthermore, dogs of all breeds can be trained to be successful, effective service dogs.

We encourage you to reach out to us as we can help evaluate if your dog has the potential for service dog training.

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Service Dog Training Changes Lives