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Potty Training Puppies

Potty Training Puppies can Be Frustrating

It’s no secret that potty training puppies is a challenge! Regularly scheduled potty breaks and positive reinforcement (usually in the form of treats) are standard when potty training a new puppy. Dogs are fast learners, so once a puppy is potty trained, he can usually be counted on to only relieve himself in the specified area(s). However, sometimes dogs backslide and begin to urinate or defecate in the wrong places—even indoors. This is obviously undesirable, as it produces messes and unpleasant odors, and can damage furniture or flooring.

If your dog has been potty trained but suddenly starts going to the bathroom indoors, something is wrong. You should see your vet right away to rule out illness or other serious problems. If the vet doesn’t observe any medical issues, you should investigate other possible causes. Have you recently introduced a new pet to the household? Is it a male dog whose hormones are causing him to “mark” his territory? Is your dog overly excited, or is he displaying signs of submission to another pet or member of the family?

Dogs are extremely in tune with environmental changes, so even something that you perceive as minor may be enough to trigger this unpleasant behavior.

Our Training Philosophy

A key component of potty training puppies or any dog behavior modification is to never train your dog when you are frustrated with him. Naturally, most people would get upset when their “potty trained” dog uses the rug as a bathroom! However, it’s imperative that you remain calm and redirect the dog appropriately, or he won’t learn.

Many of our clients contact us because their dogs have begun to display this unwanted behavior, but they don’t know how to fix it. We have a host of tried-and-true methods for correcting this behavior. However, all dogs are different! That’s why we assess each dog individually, so that we understand which training approach will be the most effective. After our 1-on-1 meet and greet with your dog, we can develop and implement a plan of action to address the problem. Please read our Why Train With Us page to learn more about our approach to helping your dog.

Remember, if a dog suddenly begins to relieve himself indoors, there is something triggering that action. We will work with you to determine what the underlying cause is, and can recommend ways to lessen the impact of that stressor.

Next Steps

No More Accidents!

If you have questions about potty training puppies, your dog’s behavior or want to learn more about our training philosophy, please call us or schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation. With decades of experience under our belt, there’s nothing we haven’t seen and no problem we can’t fix. We have made a name for ourselves by working with all types of breeds with a wide range of behavioral issues and by delivering outstanding results.

It’s very common for frustrated dog owners to feel lost or hopeless when it comes to treating their dogs’ problems. Let us take the stress away by working with your dog to deliver the calm, obedient companion you always dreamed of having! If you won’t take our word for it, check out our dog training in Phoenix reviews left by previous clients. You’ll understand why Desert Sky K9 is the best in Phoenix for dog behavior training!

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