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Behavior Modification


A well-adjusted, well-trained dog can bring love, joy, and happiness into your life. However, a dog with behavioral issues can place a tremendous amount of stress on you, and can negatively affect almost every aspect of your life. People whose dogs have behavioral problems often feel angry, stressed, hopeless, frustrated, or embarrassed. If your dog is poorly behaved, it can be extremely isolating for both you and your dog! This is where behavior modification training can make a huge difference in the quality of life for both you and your dog. 

Training a calm, willing dog can be challenging enough for many people. When the dog has been demonstrating concerning behavior, training becomes even harder. That’s where Desert Sky K9 comes in. Mark Govoni, the lead trainer at Desert Sky K9, has nearly three decades’ experience working with all breeds of dogs with all types of issues. Whether a dog is struggling with potty training, dog food aggression, dog aggression, separation anxiety, or something else entirely, Mark is committed to finding the best solution for the owner and the dog, and is determined to resolve the troublesome behavior.

Just wanted to say how remarkable the transformation is in Patton. He still gives people the eye but no more Cujo out in public! We’ve been incorporating mini training sessions into our day and he’s doing splendid. Best money I’ve said goodbye to in a long time. Thanks!

Amelia Yourison
A large part of addressing behavioral issues in dogs involves diagnosing the issue and identifying triggers. Once those are understood, Mark works with you to develop a plan of action. Whether your dog is already exhibiting unwanted behaviors or whether you are seeking to avoid potential issues that may arise in the future, Desert Sky K9 is here to help. Once your dog is a Desert Sky K9 dog, he’s a client for life. That means that after Mark has trained your dog, he and his team provide ongoing coaching, support, and handling lessons free of charge for the life of the dog!


As with other types of training, dog behavior modification training demands consistency and clear communication. Dog behavior training also means that the owner needs to establish rules, structure, and boundaries. Many people who own dogs with behavioral issues feel overwhelmed or lost when it comes to addressing their dog’s problems.  Below are some common behavior issues many of our clients experience.  

Potty Training Puppies and Dogs - Desert Sky K9 Phoenix

Difficulty with potty training is an extremely common problem among dog owners. As with all training, it’s vital that the owner and the family remain consistent with the dog. The general rule is that a puppy can “hold it” for one hour for every month of their age, plus one. In other words, a three-month-old puppy should be able to “hold it” for four hours. Once a dog is well trained and housebroken, he should stop having accidents indoors. If your dog unexpectedly begins having accidents inside or is “marking,” it’s likely a sign of a larger underlying issue.

Even though dogs are pack animals and thrive as part of a social hierarchy, they are still predators with territorial urges. They instinctively guard their food or other things that are special to them, like toys or bones. However, sometimes dogs develop habits where they begin to take it a little too far, and become outwardly aggressive before or during meals. This problem, known as dog food aggression or resource guarding, may include growling, baring teeth, or even snapping or nipping. Dogs are innately possessive of “their” things, but training them to be less territorial is 100% possible with behavior modification.

Food Aggression in Dogs Training Phoenix
Dog Training in Phoenix - Behavior Modification

Most dog breeds are not inherently aggressive. However, some dogs struggle with lashing out, lunging, attacking, or vocally reacting to other dogs. That behavior may occur when the dog is on a walk with his owner, when the dog is playing at the dog park, or when a guest brings another dog into the home. Regardless of the environment in which it occurs, it is an extremely stressful and dangerous situation. To make matters worse, owners often misunderstand their dog’s cues or mishandle them when they act out, creating a vicious cycle of trepidation and aggression.

Separation anxiety is an extremely common problem with dogs. After all, they’re man’s best friend—and they don’t want you to leave them behind when you walk out the door! Most dogs learn that when you leave, you’re not leaving forever and they settle down after you leave. However, other dogs become extremely agitated and some even become destructive when their owners leave them alone. Of course, it’s not realistic that you never leave the house. That’s why it’s critical to get ahead of the issue and find a way to reduce your dog’s anxiety while maintaining a sense of order and balance in your life. Behavior modification training can make a huge difference. 

Dog Separation Anxiety Training Phoenix - Desert-Sky K9


Are you dealing with a unique or severe behavioral issue that is causing you tremendous frustration and worry? In these situations, dog behavior modification training is essential to ensure that the dog’s needs, wants, and desires are aligned with yours.

Many people who own dogs with behavioral issues feel overwhelmed or lost when it comes to addressing their dog’s problems. Please give us a call so we can learn more about your situation. Odds are, we’ve probably already seen and helped another dog and owner. We’d love to listen and meet your dog. Helping dogs is our passion, so don’t wait any longer to ask for help, call us today or schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 meet and greet. What do you have to lose?