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We can’t thank you enough for the professional training your performed with out great Dane puppy, Fenway. You instilled the confidence and ideal behavior in our young dog that we continue to appreciate to this day.
We were exceptionally impressed with how you graciously explained our dog’s behavioral issues, and clearly explained the steps involved to obtain resolution. You are extremely knowledgeable tin your occupation and it is obvious that you have a true passion for your work with canines.

Thank You So Much!

- Bob and Amy K.

We have had the great good fortune of working with Mark Govoni for the training of our four-month-old German Shepherd puppy. Before we enrolled Lakota in the Desert Sky K9 boot camp, we had already been working on training her based on books and a lot of conflicting advice from various “professionals” at local pet supply stores. The results were mixed and we were increasingly frustrated. Then we discovered Mark and Gail at Desert Sky and the results were nothing less than phenomenal.
In the two weeks that Mark worked with Lakota, he trained her to reliably walk on a lead as well as sit, down, stay, and come on verbal command or in response to hand signals. During this time he also socialized Lakota with his own dogs, and transformed a shy, skittish dog into a much more confident pet. But beyond this, after the boot camp Mark made four trips to our home to work with each member of the family to teach us how to maintain the training. During these sessions he imparted simple principles for us to use to continue to reinforce the training. He also helped us identify and change some of our own counter-productive behaviors to be more effective in working with Lakota. His calm, confident, and authoritative attitude was a key factor in helping us establish an environment in which dog and family fit together seamlessly. At this writing Lakota is almost seven months old. We rely on the training she received from Mark every day.

So we heartily recommend Mark and Desert Sky K9 to anyone who wants their dog trained right–anyone who is looking for training that sticks. It is incredible the difference that working with a consummate professional makes.

- The Corts Phoenix, AZ

Thank you Desert Sky for staying so committed to helping us with Baron, who, with Mark’s help, was able to go inside a dog park today for the first time since he was little …he really is just a big sweetie…thanks.

- Eric and Amanda

Thanks you guys for training Bubba!! It is amazing what you taught him in just one week!!

- M. Clarke
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