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Why Should I Train My Dog?

In Dog Training, timing is everything. Your dog does not know what is expected, acceptable, or undesirable behavior until he/she is shown through repetition, patience and positive reinforcement. You might be asking yourself, why should I train my dog with a professional?

Many clients experience problems with their dogs because they simply do not understand how to correctly reinforce positive behaviors, or they expect that their dog should already know right from wrong, THEY DON’T!!

Fortunately, there are many sound methods for teaching your dog to be the companion you’ve always envisioned, while facilitating a positive experience for both you and your dog. This is where Desert Sky K9 can be an invaluable asset to you. We create owner/canine teams, while you and your dog progress and have fun training.

The importance of Why You Should Train Your Dog

Dog Training in Phoenix - Desert Sky K9 - Outside Ramp

We train your dog so that he/she can be a happier, healthier and well-adjusted companion that you will be proud to take anywhere. He doesn’t want to spend his life in the garage or tied in the backyard, he wants to spend his life at your side. That is why we train your dog.

Mark Govoni brings over 27 years of professional k9 training experience to the valley. His vast experience of training thousands of dogs of all breeds and behaviors, as well as breeding and training Belgian Malinois for sport and law enforcement, has provided him with the expertise to allow you and your dog to reach the highest possible levels of mutual respect and understanding. Mark is active in the sports of PSA and French Ring, competing and titling dogs at the national level.

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